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Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre

Valakupių reabilitacijos centras / Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre

Public Institution Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre (VRC) was established in 2000 by the Government of Lithuania. The mission of VRC is to provide, constantly improve and develop medical, vocational rehabilitation and social services for persons with disabilities within organization and nationwide seeking their full and equal participation in public life, integration into society and better quality of life.

Over 100 VRC staff members provide social, vocational and medical rehabilitation, social day care and driving school services for people with severe and moderate disabilities in Lithuania. Every year more than 700 service users benefit from the services provided in two Vilnius and Kaunas locations.

In 2020 VRC main services for service users:

  • social workshops, support for employment and assistance for decision-making for people with intellectual or mental disabilities;
  • social rehabilitation for blind people;
  • medical rehabilitation;
  • social day care;
  • home assistance for elderly people,
  • driving school services for people with severe and moderate physical disabilities.

Since 2010 VRC also acts as a methodical centre for vocational rehabilitation in Lithuania and as a local license holder for EQUASS Assurance in Lithuania. VRC actively organizes training seminars, informative sessions for different groups of specialists providing social services and medical care, conducts researches and etc.

VRC team is working to implement the empowerment strategies for their service users, is measuring the changes in quality of life of the services users and many other techniques leading to better services and better quality of life of services users. Since 2006 VRC is certified with ISO 9000:2008/LST EN ISO 9001:2008 standard requirements, since 2008 is certified with EQUASS quality mark

Valakupiai Rehabilitation Center, Vaidilute str. 69, Vilnius, Lithuania

Tel + 370 5 247 75 53

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